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A legutóbbi frissítés tartalmaz ez egy új sorozatot is Gene-drives and Active Genetics címmel

Az adatbázis legutóbbi frissítése a következő tárgykörben tartalmaz új tudományos videó előadásokat:


Gene-drives and Active Genetics:

The dawn of active genetics Prof. Ethan Bier

Public response to a proposed field trial of genetically engineered mosquitoes in the United States Prof. Cinnamon Bloss

Population modification of malaria vector mosquitoes Dr. Anthony A. James

Ecological considerations for gene drive systems Prof. Gregory C. Lanzaro

Guidance for responsible testing and implementation of gene-drive systems Prof. Stephanie James

Gene drive behavior when pest populations have age, mating and spatial structure Prof. Fred Gould, Prof. Alun Lloyd


Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:

An update on the multiple faces of celiac disease Prof. Aaron Lerner


The Complement System:

Complement and organ transplantation Prof. Steven Sacks


Viruses and Viral Diseases:

Antiviral drugs (non-HIV) Prof. Megan Shaw


Molecular Chaperones:

The roles of molecular chaperones in bacterial infection Prof. Tomoko Yamamoto


Bioinformatics for Metabolomics:

Metabolomics flux on the genome scale Prof. Marta Cascante, Dr. Igor Marín de Mas


Using Bioinformatics in the Exploration of Genetic Diversity:

The predominant clonal evolution (PCE) concept of microbial pathogens and its practical usefulness Dr. Michel Tibayrenc