OA predatory journals

The spread of so-called predatory or parasitic journals poses the greatest threat to Open Access publishing. Several new, unknown publishers and journals send unsolicited e-mails inviting authors to publish a scientific article. These papers have no scientific value, they do not undergo peer review, they probably promise a quick publish for a higher price. Parasitic journals may also be associated with misleading indicators, cf. our separate submenu items (https://lib.semmelweis.hu/content/misleading_indicators__false_impact_factor__20141014).

All journals in the MTMT (Hungarian Science Bibliography) journal database can be searched at: https://www.mtmt.hu/journals by their name, ISSN, eISSN identifiers. At profile of the given journal it is possible to make announcements related to e.g. Open Access, parasite and other topics. At the detailed search Scopus or WoS subject areas, or MTA (HAS) rating types; D1, Q1 values, or IF journals; inland or reviewed types, open access option, and WoS or SJR indexed sources can be search as well.

On the public MTMT interface the so-called Norwegian list is available too at: https://www.mtmt.hu/objectionable_journals, and lists of MTA (Hungarian Academy of Sciences) journals can also be searched separately at: https://support.mtmt.hu/mtalist.

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