New solutions from CAS Scifinder Discovery Platform are available

Dear University Citizens,

We would like to inform you, that our Scifinder-n subscription has been expanded this year with new solutions, which are available through CAS's new Scifinder Discovery Platform:

  • CAS Analytical Methods: collection of analytical methods from journals.
  • CAS Formulus: the database helps in product development, it contains data on 4.5 million preparations based on patents, journals and product descriptions - including data on medicines, cosmetics and chemicals 
  • ChemZent: indexed and searchable archive of the Chemisches Zentralblatt, with contents from 1830–1969. Available via Scifinder-n.

To use the services, you must have a CAS account. New users can register with university email address and by connecting to the university network.
For information on how to create a CAS account, please see the databases menu.