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The Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection's new seminars

Dear Readers,

The HS Talks - Biomedical and Life Sciences Collection's new seminars are covering, a broad range of scientific knowledge held by lear researchers of the subject areas. To see them check out visit the links below.

The following new online seminars have been released lately on  antibiotic resistancecell biologychronic worryhuman genetic diseasesequencingEpilepsyautismIAC purificationHuntington's disease.

Vaccines as a weapon against antibiotic resistance
Dr. Pumtiwitt McCarthy
Morgan State University, USA

Introduction to research strategies in cell biology
Prof. Thomas D. Pollard
Yale University, USA

Cognitive-behavioral therapy for chronic worry
Dr. Robert L. Leahy
American Institute for Cognitive Therapy, USA

Mechanisms of human genetic disease
Prof. Eamonn Maher
University of Cambridge, UK

Genomics 101: an introduction to sequencing
Dr. Giles Yeo
University of Cambridge, UK

Epilepsy in children
Dr. Elaine Wirrell
Mayo Clinic, USA 

TEACCH autism program: supporting the unique learning differences of autism
Dr. Laura Grofer Klinger
University of North Carolina, USA

Immunoaffinity chromatography and gentle IAC purification of complexes
Prof. Emeritus Richard R. Burgess
University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA 

IBD for the non-gastroenterologist
Prof. Sunanda Kane
Mayo Clinic, USA 

Huntington's disease
Prof. Roger Barker
University of Cambridge, UK

COPD and asthma: similarities and differences
Prof. Peter Barnes
Imperial College London, UK

Juvenile toxicity testing
Dr. Alan Hoberman, Dr. Elise Lewis
Charles River Laboratories, USA

Chaperonin-containing TCP-1 (CCT), actin springs, and protein folding fluxes
Prof. Keith Willison
Imperial College London, UK

Pharmacophore methods in drug discovery
Dr. John H.
Van Drie Van Drie Research LLC, USA 

Diverticular disease of the colon
Dr. Dale Vimalachandran
University of Liverpool, UK 

Introductory concepts in limb anatomy
Dr. Carol Hartmann
University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Preimplantation embryo development
Dr. Jay M. Baltz
University of Ottawa, Canada