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Nature access problemAdd to favorites

Dear Library Users!


We would like to inform you that our access to the Nature Reviews Immunology, Nature Reviews Genetics, Nature Protocols journals has been restored, therefore they became available with full text again.


Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Ovid workshop - 27. September 2017Add to favorites

Dear Library Users!


We would like to inform you about the following open workshop of the Central Library:


Ovid workshop

Central Library, 1st floor, computer room

27.09.2017 (Wednesday), 12:00-15:00

Speaker: Michael Fanning, Ovid Technologies

(The workshop will be held in English.)


Detailed programme plan:

11:45-12:00  - registration

12:00-13:30 - Searching tricks and tips in PsycInfo and Evidence Based Medicine Reviews databases

13:30-13:45 - coffee break

13:45-14:45 - Visible Body, the interactive anatomy database

14:45-15:00 - questions and answers



The attendance is free, however it is required to register online in advance.

For the preliminary registration please write to us until 25th September to titkarsag.kk@semmelweis-univ.hu .

Visible Body trial accessAdd to favorites

Dear Library Users!


We would like to inform you, that a new database, called Visible Body is available until 11.10.2017.

Visible Body is an interactive database from the field of anatomy, that provides all supplemental material that needed to support the learning of human anatomy. The database covers the fields of human anatomy and physiology, contains animations, 3D models with descriptions to introduce the muscles, the human skeleton, the nervous and the circulatory system, and the basic physiological processes. Visible Body also contains quizzes to supports learning of human physiology.

It is recommended to use Firefox webbrowser to access this database, Unity Web Player also needs to be installed to the computer.


To use the database please visit the following link:


On the folllowing link you can watch a video guide about the database:


JoVE Medicine and Biology modules became availableAdd to favorites

Dear Users,


We would like to inform you that from September the JoVE (Journal of Visualized Experiments) scientific viedo database became available. Users can access two modules of JoVE: Biology and Medicine.

JoVE's two subscribed modules contain more that 2500 peer-reviewed, video demonstrations of experiments with a detailed text protocol. This collection increasing montly by new content.


Articles are indexed in PbMed, Medline and SciFinder as well.

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