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New releases in HS Talks databaseAdd to favorites

This content has been modified after the translation.

Dear Users,


We would like to introduce the April releases of HS Talks Biomedical & Life Sciences Collection video database.


The most recent update also includes the launch of a new series titled Gene-drives and Active Genetics. The release includes scientific video lectures in different subject areas as the following:


In Gene-drives and Active Genetics:

The dawn of active genetics Prof. Ethan Bier

Public response to a proposed field trial of genetically engineered mosquitoes in the United States Prof. Cinnamon Bloss

Population modification of malaria vector mosquitoes Dr. Anthony A. James

Ecological considerations for gene drive systems Prof. Gregory C. Lanzaro

Guidance for responsible testing and implementation of gene-drive systems Prof. Stephanie James

Gene drive behavior when pest populations have age, mating and spatial structure Prof. Fred Gould, Prof. Alun Lloyd


In Periodic Reports: Advances in Clinical Interventions and Research Platforms:

An update on the multiple faces of celiac disease Prof. Aaron Lerner


In The Complement System:

Complement and organ transplantation Prof. Steven Sacks


In Viruses and Viral Diseases:

Antiviral drugs (non-HIV) Prof. Megan Shaw


In Molecular Chaperones:

The roles of molecular chaperones in bacterial infection Prof. Tomoko Yamamoto


In Bioinformatics for Metabolomics:

Metabolomics flux on the genome scale Prof. Marta Cascante, Dr. Igor Marín de Mas


In Using Bioinformatics in the Exploration of Genetic Diversity:

The predominant clonal evolution (PCE) concept of microbial pathogens and its practical usefulness Dr. Michel Tibayrenc

Karger e-Journals Collection trialAdd to favorites

Dear Users,


We would like inform you about our current trial access.


From 23rd April to 3rd June full access provided to the  e-Journals Collection of the Karger medical publisher by the Electronic Information Service National Programme.


We would like to drive your attention to the following medical journals with Q1 rank and Impakt factor, which are available from the collecetion:


Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics


Journal of Innate Immunity

Developmental Neuroscience


Skin Pharmacology and Physiology

Fetal Diagnosis and Therapy

MERSZ próba hozzáférésAdd to favorites

This content is not yet translated to english language.

SpringerLink access problem in latest issues Add to favorites

Dear Users,


We would like to inform you that the access to latest issues of SpringerLink journal collection has been rostored.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.


KARGER Information Day 17th April, 2018Add to favorites

This content has been modified after the translation.

Dear Library Users!


We would like to inform you about the following open workshop of the Central Library:

KARGER Information Day 17th April, 2018 (Tuesday) from 9.45 a.m. to 12.10 p.m.

The short program of the event:

09:45 Registration

10:00 Introduction to Karger Publishers & The Karger Portfolio

10:15 Knowledge Transfer Part 1: Publishing with Karger

10:45 Questions & Answers - Discussion with Ass. Professor Zsuzsanna Tóth D.M.D., PhD.

BREAK (15 minutes)

11:30 Knowledge Transfer Part 2: Transferring Research Knowledge - From Researcher to the Patient

12:00 Questions & Answers (10 minutes)


Participation in this event is free, however preliminary registration is required. Please, send your registration to titkarsag.kk@semmelweis-univ.hu latest until 13th April.

By participating in the event, you agree that photos can be taken on which you may be recognisable, and some of these photos of the event could posted publically on the website of the Central Library.

Our data handling policy can be found here: https://lib.semmelweis.hu/nav/adatkezeles

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