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The charge includes 27% V.A.T.
For university teachers and students the cost is 8050 HUF (rebook sheet can be acquired from the finance department)

The charge for outer users is: 16510 HUF (include V.A.T.)

Technical parameters
-Printer: HP DesignJet 500PS
-Paper: HP Photo paper: 90cm-wide roll
-Maximum size: 90X130 cms. (landscape – portrait)
- The printer can cut only in paperwidht, therefore in case of printing onarrow posters wide white stripe occurres. Removing them does not lie in our power!!!

-Printable file formats:
Corel Draw (11)
MS Word, Excel, Power Point (XP, 2003)
Adobe Photoshop (7.0)
Vecorial files WMA
Photogravure files (not recommended!) TIFF, BMP, JPG GIF

Attention: Texts under big sized (130-140 cms) posters made by Power Point (containing large and complicated illustrations) may slip. It usually means small flaws, for which we can not be responsible. 

 Background of posters made by Power Point should be as simple as possible, otherwise the printingtime will be very long (30-60 minutes) and/or mistakes may occure. Recommended background effects are the two colored dissolves.

DTP softwares (Corel Draw, Photoshop) are highly recommended.

Printing time is between 15-70 minutes / each depending on the size and content)

Recommended datamedia :USB Pendrive, CD

Further information, and appointment:
Working hours:
Mon-Thu: 9.00 a.m.- 3.30. p.m.
Fri : 9.00 a.m. - 1.30 p.m.

Attila Skulteti 459-1500/60512; (E-mail address can be found in Staff)